Electric Pickup Trucks

News, previews and announcements of the latest Electric Pickup Truck releases and prototypes from the likes of Tesla, Rivian and Ford.

The future of the pickup truck market is looking increasingly more likely to be powered by highly efficient electric motors providing more power to carry and tow heavier loads.

First Hybrid Plug-In Pickup Truck Ford Ranger Coming to UK in 2025

In exciting news for pickup truck enthusiasts, Ford has announced that the first hybrid plug-in version of their popular Ranger model will be coming to the UK in 2025. This move represents Ford’s commitment to sustainability and the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles in the market. The Ford Ranger is already known for its ruggedness, […]

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Why the holdup Elon … where’s my Cybertruck?

We doubt that any new vehicle has ever excited as much worldwide interest as Tesla’s Cybertruck … one glance at the photos of the prototype answers why. This is Tesla’s entry to the electric pickup race, which it may win purely on its futuristic looks. Elon Musk himself described the Cybertruck as needing to be […]

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Pickup News: Are Friends Electric?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for quite a few years, you are probably aware of the revolution taking place in the automotive industry at the moment, as manufacturers scramble to bring to market electric vehicles which tick all the boxes. Technological advances have made these visions into viable realities, and vast improvements in […]

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All-Electric Ford F-150 Pickup Tows 450 Tonnes!

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen we shared a video from Ford Europe of the New Ford Ranger 2019 towing 15 caravans, a pretty mean feat when you consider that is around 3.5 tonnes of towing capacity. But that figure has been blown out of the water by the Ranger’s […]

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Tesla’s Electric Pickup Truck Price Teased By Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been making some bold claims about his upcoming electric Tesla pickup. With regards to the price, Elon has stated that Tesla is aiming to keep their pickup truck, that is set for an unveiling later this year, at under $50,000. That would make for a very interesting electric pickup truck option in […]

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The Future Of The Pickup Truck…Is Electric?

The Future Is Coming, Silently… Well, that is if Rivian has anything to do with it. The Michigan based company, who develop vehicles for sustainable transportation, have recently filed to patent their modular Electric R1T pickup truck beds. The significance of this patent is that it details, “Systems and methods for reconfigurable electric vehicles”, meaning […]

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Rivian’s First Vehicle Will Be A Pickup Truck

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the first fully electric pick-up being previewed a couple of weeks ago, new industry start-up electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian have announced that their first vehicle to market will be a pick-up, followed by an SUV. Rivian have been working on electric car plans which introduce a pickup […]

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World’s First Electric Pick-up Confirmed – It’ll Be A Workhorse!

The world’s first all-electric pick-up was demonstrated this week at one of the biggest tech shows; CES in Las Vegas. The Workhorse Group has shown a near-production version of their W-15 electric pickup truck. The first 80 miles are powered purely by electricity, but there is also a petrol generator to charge the battery for […]

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