Which Load Bed Liner Is Best For You?

With so many options for pickup load bed liners out there, we thought we would create a handy post showing you the differences and help you decide which load bed liner is best suited for your needs.

At 4x4AT we offer various different options and have something for everyone whether you are using your pickup for commercial purposes and filling it with tools or if you just want to protect your load bed from daily wear and tear. We have the right solution for you.

Over Rail Bed Liner On A Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck

The Over Rail Load Bed Liner

The over rail load bed liner is a great choice if you have a hard-working truck. Our selection of over rail liners are designed to handle the toughest of conditions. They protect your load bed from impacts, scratches, and spills. The over rail covers the top edge of the rear of your pickup and the interior to ensure your load bed is fully protected.

Choose an over rail liner if…

You don’t plan on putting a tonneau cover or hard top canopy onto the rear of your 4×4 pickup truck.

View our full range of Over Rail Liners

Under-Rail Load Bed Liner On A Pickup Truck

The Under-Rail Load Bed Liner

Like the over rail liner, our selection of under rail load bed liners are designed to handle the toughest of conditions and protect the load bed from impacts, scratches, and spills. Unlike the over rail liner, an under-rail liner is ideally suited for someone who intends on putting a tonneau cover or hard top onto their vehicle. It gives you added protection to your pickup bed whilst also enabling you to fit a cover of your choice, such as a Pro//Top commercial canopy. If you decide to remove the cover in the future you can purchase a set of load bed caps to convert your under-rail liner into an over rail liner.

Choose an under-rail liner if…

You want to put a cover on your load bed.

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BedRug Load Bed Liner Fitted Inside A Pickup Truck Hard Top Canopy

BedRug Load Bed Liner

Bedrug Liners are high quality, luxury, anti-skid load bed liners. Using unique and innovative technology the BedRug liner gives you the comfort and feel of a carpet but is essentially a plastic product. This means that it will protect your pickup bed from any impacts, scratches, spills and will stand up to most harsh conditions. The BedRug can be easily cleaned using a hosepipe, power washer and vacuum, making it ideal for all situations. The BedRug pickup bed liner is an ideal solution if you want to transport dogs in the back of your vehicle as the cushioned underside will make it a comfortable ride for your pets.

Choose a BedRug Liner if…

You want to put a cover onto your load bed and you want an anti-skid surface in your pickup truck load bed with a high-quality, luxury feel inside. Ideal for pets.

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Bedmat Fitted To A Plastic Load Bed Liner Of A Pickup Truck


The BedMat is designed to be an addition to an existing plastic load bed liner. It adds a high quality, luxury feel to an existing rigid plastic load bed liner. The BedMat has the same protective properties as the BedRug but just covers the floor of the load bed, they come in one standard size and then they are cut to fit your load bed.

Choose a BedMat if…

You already have a rigid plastic load bed liner installed and want to add a luxury, protective anti-skid surface to your load bed.

View the Ford Ranger BedMat

View the Nissan Navara NP300 BedMat

We hope this handy guide helped you decide which pickup load bed liner is best for you and your own particular 4×4 truck usage.

You might also be interested in our Which Load Bed Cover Is Best page which asks you a few questions about your usage and will then give you a recommendation based upon your own specific answers.

If you want more information and advice on which option is right for your pickup truck usage then please call us on 01677 428799 or email us at [email protected] and one of our highly trained sales executives will help you decide.

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