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Great new product for Ranger Wildtrak....
The GRX grey hard sports cover....
Fits with the Wildtrak Roll Bar - 31/01/17

The new revised Ford Ranger is a major success story.....The old Ranger was a formidable vehicle, but the latest version has built yet further on Ranger’s abilities. And the top of the range version – Wildtrak, seems to be more poular than ever...

As the Wildtrak comes with its signature Wildtrak grey Sports Roll Bar that definitely adds to the style of the truck, one product group 4x4 are constantly being asked for are options for covers that work in conjunction with that factory Sports Roll Bar....

We’re delighted to announce we now have another and brand new alternative that does exactly this..The GRX hard sports cover is tailor made to fit with the Roll Bar and snugly locates on the vehicle giving a secure and dry load area, keeping your cargo under lock and key, and away from prying eyes.

Pro//Top Canopies

Beautifully colour coded to the Wildtrak Grey trims it lifts easily on two gas rams, is lined on the underside of the lid, and even has an LED interior light.

Pro//Top Canopies

A really stylish and practical addition to your Wildtrak.... and keep the Sports roll Bar too....You bet!!!

Pro//Top Canopies

In stock now.....Contact the 4x4at.com sales team now for further information or just order on line.

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Super “Accessories” Woman flies in at 4x4at.com !!! - 23/12/16

Pro//Top Canopies

Fancy dress fun day at 4x4at.com !......And our very own SuperWoman a.k.a our Key account Manger Emma flew in this morning. Not content with her stellar performance in her day job helping trade dealers with their 4x4 pickup accessory requirements, she thought she might swoop in and “mop up” the prize for Best fancy dress !!

Some others put up a valliant effort, but when Emma’s on the case, with her supernatural powers....she’s a more than worthy adversary....

We wish all our customers, suppliers, together with all friends of 4x4at.com the Happiest of Xmas’s and Best wishes for a prosperous 2017 !!

Pro//Top Canopies Pro//Top Canopies Pro//Top Canopies Pro//Top Canopies Pro//Top Canopies

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4x4at.com attend one of the world’s largest Automotive Accessory trade shows...... - 22/09/16

Pro//Top Canopies

Most people in the UK have been to the NEC, Birmingham before for some show or other......So if you imagine the NEC x10, you’ll have some feel for how massive the Automotive trade show was that we exhibited at last week in Germany !

Teaming up with our good friends at Aeroklas – manufacturers of the some of the world’s best trucktop canopies, it was great to see so many global customers as well as making sure we are still at the cutting edge of the 4x4 accessory business.

So many new pickups have been, or are about to be launched, it has been a busy period in the 4x4 world! New ideas, new accessories, new vehicles...it’s a fast moving sector – so you can rely on 4x4at.com to keep up with the very latest trends and introductions.

Keep checking in here at 4x4at.com and you’ll always be ahead of the curve....

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4x4at.com’s launch of the new Pro//Top range of Commercial Canopy TruckTops really catches FIRE ! - 12/07/16

Pro//Top Canopies Pro//Top Canopies

Commercial Canopies have gone on sale..! See www.Pro-Top.co.uk

News that we have launched this great new range of commercial style canopy truck tops has spread like wild fire! Since the official launch earlier this year at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016, the reaction to the Pro//Top product range has been spectacular...

These canopies are perfectly suited for all commercial, utility and public service uses and the above Fire Service vehicle is just the latest example of this.

Pro//Tops are available in both cab height and high roof variants either with or without “gullwing” side access doors.

Pro//Top Canopies

Simon Rhodes of 4x4at.com commented “We expected everyone to really like the capacity and opening apertures of these new hardtops, but some of the most satisfying feedback is how well made and durable our customers are finding them to be.....and crucially what great value they represent.”

Check out the new Pro//Top range for yourself at www.Pro-Top.co.uk or enquire now at 4x4at.com on 01677 428799.

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4x4at.com launches new range of Commercial Canopy TruckTops.... - 25/05/16

NP300 Chequer Plate Cover

Commercial Canopies have gone on sale..! See www.Pro-Top.co.uk

After many months of planning and market research 4x4at.com have just launched their brand new range of super-tough canopies with the commercial user in mind.

NP300 Chequer Plate Cover

It’s not a secret that 4x4at.com has become a market leader in the supply of leisure canopy tops for pickups from the best manufacturers in the world. Pro//Top is the latest progression of this as we increase our sales influence in the commercial market.

The new Pro//Top range features, high roof models, as well as cab height variants, Gullwing side access door models, a built in roof rail system with eyelets and tie points as well as high visibility interiors.

NP300 Chequer Plate Cover

At the recent launch at the Commercial Vehicle Show 2016, at the the NEC Birmingham, the range was enthusiastically received by the trade with particularly positive comment on the build quality and ultra competitive pricing.

Check out the new Pro//Top range for yourself at www.Pro-Top.co.uk or enquire now at 4x4at.com on 01677 428799.

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Another exclusive preview !!!
Look at this fantastic new canopy top for New Hilux...
Getting ready for when it launches in July.... - 06/04/16

NP300 Aeroklas NP300 Aeroklas

We love the line of this canopy. A new modern edgy shape for a new vehicle ! This along with a whole host of other accessories will be ready for the launch of this next incarnation of latest incarnation of the pick up that has lead the market....till now!

What do you think of the new Hilux? Will it maintain its position? Loads of competion and new vehicles in this healthy market. New Ranger, L200, NP300 and now new Hilux!

Who’ll be the winner ?

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Sneak Preview !!! Checkout these pictures of our new Aeroklas canopy for New Nissan NP300 Navara ! - 14/03/16

NP300 Aeroklas

Shows pop out window option...

NP300 Aeroklas

Shows lift up window option...

As ever, from Aeroklas, this is a twin skin ABS canopy. Very light, very strong and no joints ! It just leaves all the issues of some of yesteryear’s canopy tops behind it.....This is at the cutting edge of canopy technology, but will be sensibly priced as you would expect on 4x4at.com.
Plug and play wiring is standard...as is the really easy non drill 6 clamp system making installation quick and simple.

Central locking is an option on the pop out window version.

With an impeccable paint finish and such a sleek design it’s going to look great on the new NP300 Navara, stock is on its way....

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World famous Mountain Top Chequer PlateTonneau covers have arrived for New Navara NP300... - 14/03/16

NP300 Chequer Plate Cover

Now in stock ! Only £958.80....

As the first of the new Nissan Navara NP300 orders arrive and begin to filter into the dealer system, 4x4at.com are pleased to say the stock and choice of accessories for this great new vehicle builds almost on a daily basis...Latest of these is the Navara NP300 version of the world recognised and ever popular Mountain Top Chequer plate load bed cover.
Made from a durable heavy duty chequer plate finish this is a non drill, super stylish, easy fit solid load bed cover that will keep your cargo secure and away from the elements. It’s lockable to the vehicle tailgate and when opened lifts with the aid of two gas rams.
It is also the ideal load bed cover for those that need to occasionally have the load bed fully open, as it also can be easily entirely removed from the vehicle entirely with a minimum of fuss. Another great benefit of fitting a load bed cover such as the Mountain Top Chequer plate is the increased fuel economy as it cuts down the drag associated with an open load bed.

View Here

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Great reaction to the New ImprovedFord Ranger....! - 18/02/16

Fiat Fullback

The Ford Ranger was always a great drive...but in it’s latest incarnation with the reworked front grille, super well appointed interior and revised dash, it just took a further leap forward. No question, these aspects add to the driver experience.....and particularly the 8” driver infotainment screen that acts as a hub for most of the driver functionality. Pictured above is one of 4x4at.com’s own accessorised new style Rangers at a recent event, sporting the Type E canopy from Alpha which always looks good... but somehow, on new Ranger Wildtrak, looks better than ever.
However in driving this new Ranger to the event I was struck by just how improved the overall “drive” was. I suspect the electronic power steering may play a big part in it, but no argument this is a class act ! Could this Ranger be the best ever pick up.....to date ??

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Sister site www.formula4.co.uk to offer Carryboy 560 Leisure Hardtop for NewNissan Navara NP300 from April...At unbeatable value....! - 20/01/16

Fiat Fullback

Particularly when you find out how much the dealer supplied Nissan Navara NP300 canopy truck tops are !! Please sit down before looking....!!
Pictured is our first Carryboy 560 Leisure Canopy which arrived yesterday. Shown here in primer finish, our beautifully colour matched stock for the new Nissan Navara NP300 will be available as from April. The test fit was a real success showing another great option for your forthcoming NP300.....Production canopies will also feature brushed aluminium roof bars, unlike the black ones shown.
Other specification features include: Dark sliding side windows – many customers prefer these to the pop-out variety. Lined interior, non drill easy fit clamp system, auto on/off interior lamp and a rear spoiler with the extra high level 3rd brake light....
All in all, a pretty compelling package when you consider the anticipated price on this is only £1290.00 + VAT....

Phone our team now on 01677-428790 to reserve your Carryboy 560 for Navara NP300 in your colour, stock will go fast at this price ! Alternatively watch the space at www.formula4.co.uk for stock arrival....

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Another new Canopy Truck top forthe new Nissan Navara NP300......En route now !The Aeroklas High Spec Hard Top - 19/01/16

Fiat Fullback

The all new Aeroklas canopy, for the all new NP300 is en route to us now ! As you can see from the prototype pictured here mounted to an Australian vehicle, the new Nissan Navara NP300 Aeroklas twin skin canopy is now ready and our first delivery is on its way, scheduled to land here mid March..

Aeroklas have been at the cutting edge of canopy manufacture for some time now with their “Engineered ABS Twin Shell Technology”. This process makes a canopy that is very light, very strong and has no joints...Furthermore these canopies just don’t suffer from the problems of older canopies with any paint cracking or discolouration. If you want a supremely durable hard top at a real value price, this is the one for you !
The canopy features all the usual Aeroklas benefits.....Plug and play wiring for a quick and easy fit, dark tinted side windows for security, sliding bulkhead window for cleaning and ventilation and now with.....CENTRAL LOCKING AS STANDARD(....even operated from the vehicle fob for maximum convenience).

All in all, the whole package makes for a compelling proposition.....so if your NP300 is en route, why not reserve your Aeroklas canopy now ? Demand is already strong, so to make sure we have your colour.....contact us now direct on 01677 428799

View All Nissan NP300 Accessories Here

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Giving something back….. - 22/12/15

You may not know but Thailand is a major producer of vehicle parts and accessories. Our ongoing relationship with this wonderful nation - the “land of smiles” has played a vital role in the success of 4x4 Accessories and Tyres over the past 23 years. Anyone who has ever visited Thailand cannot fail to be won over by the decency and nobility of the Thai people.

As we have grown, we at 4x4.at.com have been looking for a way that we could give a little back to Thailand, so when we were offered the opportunity to sponsor an orphanage in the centre of the country we knew this was a time to translate words into action.

Fiat Fullback

It was a delight therefore, at the end of 2015 to see 4x4at.com’s contribution first hand and…making a real difference. The day we visited, together with volunteers from our Canopy Truck top manufacturer Aeroklas, we provided meals for more than 250 orphan children. We will be personally doing the same again in April.

Fiat Fullback

It was a truly touching day, as the children were so happy, smiley and well behaved….!

We at 4x4at.com hope to keep supporting this great venture for many years to come…..

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2016 is going to be an exciting year for 4x4at.com and the world of the pickup truck...! - 22/12/15

Revised Ford Ranger, New Nissan NP300, New Toyota Hilux and Fiat Fullback are all imminently with us....and all coming hot on the heals of the new Mitsubishi L200 Series 5.... then there is the Renault Alaskan and even the first Mercedes pickup truck.

As we bid farewell to the iconic Land Rover Defender, inevitably a new day dawns for 4x4 pickup vehicles...the load and towing capacities get greater, the offroad ability better, and all the while more comfortable.....

Farewell though....

Fiat Fullback

And welcome...!

Fiat Fullback Fiat Fullback Fiat Fullback Fiat Fullback

4x4at.com will be accessorising all these vehicles in 2016 and onward into the future. The 4x4at.com team would like to thank you for your custom this year and extend Season's greetings and Best wishes for the New Year to all our customers.

Europe's market leading 4x4 accessory partner look forward to seeing & serving you in 2016....

Fiat Fullback

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First glimpse of another new Canopy Truck top forthe new Nissan NP300 -The Alpha GSR - 16/12/15

Hot on the heals of our earlier post on the new Alpha Type E canopy for the new Nissan NP300, comes another very stylish, practical and durable canopy from world renowned manufacturer Alpha.

Fiat Fullback

As with everything Alpha, this top fits like a glove, as well as looking the part. We notice that 4x4at.com customers who buy Alpha canopies keep coming back for the same thing over again on their vehicles. Always beautifully finished, clients seem to love the details....Roof Bars, central locking etc, just as much as the 1st class integrity of latches, handles and locks...These tops are built to last, so represent great value.

Stock of the GSRs for NP300 hasn’t arrived with us yet, but as ever, we’re expecting demand to be high as we know from our friends within the Nissan dealer network....forward sales on the NP300 Navara are strong....

If you have an NP300 on order....do signal your interest now, to avoid any delay, or disappointment.

Fiat Fullback

View All Nissan NP300 Accessories Here

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Alpha's acclaimed Type E Hardtop Canopy for New Nissan NP300 is on its way - First images released... - 07/12/15

You'll be aware that Nissan are on the point launching their New Navara NP300...They begin to arrive in the UK as from mid January 2016.

Fiat Fullback

As ever, we've been busy at www.4x4at.com getting ready for its arrival: therange of accessories for Nissan NP300 is looking substantial already, but will only continue to grow. Latest of which is this Nissan NP300 version of the outstanding Alpha Type-E canopy hardtop.

Fiat Fullback

The key features of the Alpha Type E, other than the recognisable signature feature of the black rear quarter giving it that "floating roof" design, include central locking and auto interior light. Brushed alloy roof bars with adjustable cross bars are standard as well.

If you're getting your Nissan NP300 soon, why not register your interest now by calling or emailing us ?? First deliveries arrive in March 2016, so reserve one now and be the first (and most stylish !) owner of a Type E on NP300....

View All Nissan NP300 Accessories Here

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We've cleaned them out........of Wildtrak Orange ! - 13/11/15

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak Orange colour was an instant success from the moment it was launched...but recently we've prepared so many canopies and sports lids in the colour....we've completely exhausted our suppliers stock !! Don't panic though, more is on the way....directly !

Fiat Fullback Fiat Fullback

When you look at these pictures of the Alpha Type E canopy and the Alpha SC-Z sportslid in Wildtrak Orange on the Ranger Wildtrak, you can certainly see why it has been so popular.

This orange colour has become synonymous with the top of the range incarnation of the class leading pickup from Ford. The interiors of all Ranger Wildtraks have an orange trimmer, and this theme is being carried through when the much anticipated new upgrade arrives in 2016.In fact, we understand this orange colour has been so well received that another orange colour is in the pipeline for Ford Ranger Wildtrak – Pride Orange. We haven't seen it yet, but watch this space for news as it filters through....

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Another entrant into the booming Pickup Truck Market....The Fiat Fullback......with a familiar look ? - 13/11/15

Fiat have announced the launch in Autumn 2016 of their offering into the growing pickup Truck market. Following on from similar announcements of the new Nissan Navara NP300, Renault Alaskan and Mercedes' first foray into the sector, Fiat have now confirmed the Fullback arrives in the UK in the latter part of next year.

Fiat Fullback Fiat Fullback

Clearly heavily based on, and sharing floorplan with, the recently launched Mitsubishi L200 Series 5, the Fullback will only come to the UK in DoubleCab fomat. There will however be at least two trim levels and two power option outputs of 150 & 180 BHP from the 2.4 litre aluminium turbo diesel powerplant. There will be also be an automatic transmission option to supplement the the regular 5 speed manual. All dimensions will be identical to the Mitsubishi L200 Series 5, and payload will be 1045Kg.

UK pricing has yet to be announced being due closer to the launch...

Given the similarity to Mitsubishi's L200, that has received universal critical acclaim – what do you think of this vehicle ?

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Another stylish Trucktop Canopy for Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Barbarian.....! - 13/11/15

The Alpha Type E hardtop is real favourite across all pickup truck owners...whether it be Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, or Toyota Hilux, the Type E has been seen as the perfect combination between style and Alpha's enduring engineering excellence.

Unsurprisingly then, anticipation was high to see the very latest incarnation of Type E for Mitsubishi L200 Series 5. You can judge the answer for yourself in the below pic. The trademark black pillar is there, as is the attention to detail we have grown used to with Alpha Canopies. We think Alpha have managed to blend the flowing line of the new L200 into the distinctive look of the Type E canopy very effectively.

L200 Alpha Type-e

All the usual touches are in evidence with this Alpha Type E canopy hardtop, High quality fittings, locks and handles, a really good tight fit to the load area, and of course the Dupont paint finish to complete the job...

Keep an eye on the site for the arrival of the bulk stock of this one.....We're sure it will move quickly...

What do you think ? Which canopy have you liked most and on which vehicle ? Let us know....we love to get feedback on our accessories and the 4x4 pickups they are fitted to...

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4x4at.com have world 1st in lighting for Ford Ranger.... - 11/11/15

The world's first premium branded combined LED fog and Daytime Running Light(DRL) for Ford Ranger is now available and in stock at 4x4at.com. Global leader Osram Automotive Technology are behind this innovative switchable combo product featuring 3D light guide technology.

The DRL function ensures not only can you always be seen by others on the road, but visually adds some real business like presence to your Ranger.
The FOG light function re-directs the light beam source to create a wide and low angle providing the very best available field of vision when driving in conditions of reduced visibility.

Ranger Day Time Running Lights Ranger Day Time Running Lights Ranger Day Time Running Lights

This LED DRL/FOG lamp replaces the standard fit fog lamp application on Ford Ranger 2012-2015, and is a like for like straightforward wiring install. They generate a hefty 6000K Kelvin colour temperature, yet are low on power consumption. They also carry a remarkable 5 yr guarantee as well as ECE 87 regulation approval.

This is truly a very clever and effective product, coupled with the peace of mind that Osram provides....definitely a real quality enhancement to your Ford Ranger !

In stock and available now on the site for only £179.00 + VAT

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View The Ranger Daytime Running Lights Here

The new Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Barbarian arrives.....! - 29/10/15

Much excitement last week at 4x4at.com HQ, as our sister company www.formula4.co.uk took delivery of their first Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Barbarian....Barely had the wheels stopped turning after it landed, than our team of 4x4 accessory experts were fitting all kinds of enhancements to this great vehicle!!

First on the list was to check out the the new Carryboy Leisure canopy below.

Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Barbarian

The Carryboy 650S is a great fit and as you can see its design really enhances the natural line of the pickup... Roof bars(optional cross bars), spoiler with high level brake light and dark tinted sliding side windows complete the look. This canopy also features Carryboy's stainless steel hardware, famous 6 point no drill clamping system, heated rear screen demister as well as an auto functioning interior light.We gather stock of these have already arrived, so if you have just taken delivery of your new L200 this could be for you at www.formula4.co.uk

4x4at.com's extensive range and stocks of accessories for this the latest incarnation of the famous Mitsubishi L200 pickup are also building now. Have you seen these headlight garnish trims and chrome fog light surrounds pictured below and now in stock ? When having the newest 4x4 pickup on the block is just not enough for you....individualise it still further.....we can help!

Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Barbarian Trim

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Great new look for the revised 2016 Ford Ranger ! - 20/10/15

Pictures are now emerging of the new revised look for the hugely popular Ford Ranger pickup. Whilst the changes are a revison rather than a chassis up re-design, it appears Ford have scored a bulls eye in capturing the mood and movement in market tastes with their Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup.

The main external change is the trapezoidal front grille, see pictures below, which gives the vehicle a more muscular look and we think has a semi American look to it ? What do you think ?

Tailgate Damper Tailgate Damper

The other major improvement is the interior dash layout. Once again it appears that even if the changes are "evolution rather than revolution" though major progress has been made in terms of the ergonomics, aesthetics and overall quality feel in terms of the materials used. And yes, that is a massive 8" Infotainment/Satnav screen as well.....! All told the whole interior gets a meaningful hike in comfort levels and so feels even more car like than before.

Tailgate Damper

Engine efficiencies have also been improved across the piece, principally by use of a new electric power steering system but another significant addition is the appearance of Hill descent control for the first time.

Timescales for arrival on our shores for the 2016 Ranger have yet to be exactly determined but we at 4x4at.com can't wait to get our hands on one.....

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The ULTIMATE "feel-good" productfor your Pickup..... - 31/9/15

Once in a while a product comes along that changes your life !! As far as the world of pickup trucks goes we have just such a product now.....! All are clients are loving our new soft opening tailgate damper kits:

Tailgate Damper

As is so often the case, the best products are the simplest ones and this is certainly the case here. Whether it be Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu Dmax or virtually any other pickup, this is an accessory not to be missed....

By their very nature, tailgates are necessarily heavy and when they drop...they drop ! Ever had that situation where the tailgate is wet and you loose your grip ???... Crash !! Had something else in your other hand and the tailgate you can't fully control the drop of the tailgate as it falls???... Bang !! Just watch the below video – they say a picture tells a thousand words...we think this video counts for ten thousand words !

As well as just adding a real "feel-good" factor to your pickup truck this Tailgate Damper Kit has a genuine safety connotation also.....Ever been worried about a child operating around the back of a pick up. We know our kids love to help out, but a child opening a regular tailgate usually gets, at best, a shock and at worst, a nasty injury....

These great value kits are exclusive to 4x4at.com and our sister company NLG....Can you afford NOT to have one on your truck ? The ultimate "feel good" product ??? You will too, using it...and knowing your tailgate is safe!

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View All Of Our Tailgate Dampers Here

Who will win the battle to fill the void left by the demise of the Defender ? - 30/9/15

Following on from our last blog post on the imminent closing of production of the Land Rover Defender...Whose 4x4 vehicle do you think is best placed or most likely to win the battle for the space that the Defender will inevitably leave ?

The Defender in all of it's guises – Utility Wagon, Hardtop, Pickup etc has been used for so many applications - UK registrations amount to around 6,000 per year. The military, utility companies and the emergency services to name just a few. Isuzu Dmax have a strong foothold with the agricultural sector, Toyota Hilux have been popular with the utilities, Ford Ranger is definitely a favourite with various Police, Fire and Mountain Rescue services. The new Mitsubishi L200 Mk7 has been fantastically well received by all so may be eminently well placed to take market share from all the above ?

Then of course there are the completely new players in the 4x4 pickup market....More detail is trickling out on Mercedes' first offering into the 4x4 pickup truck market and the Renault Alaskan is on its way, as is the the new model Nissan Navara NP300, that we think will both come from the same plant in Barcelona and more than likely share some common aspects between them. Obviously Nissan are in no way new comers to the market, but the new Navara is very definitely an entirely new vehicle in every respect.....

Land Rover Defender

At 4x4at.com and our sister company NLG we are well used to supplying and specifying 4x4 accessories for all these vehicles and more besides. Exciting times then for all, like us, who love their 4x4 pickups !

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Truly the end of an era...... Prepare to say farewell to an iconic vehicle .....like them or loath them ! - 29/9/15

As most are well aware now....after 67 years in one form or another, Maurice Wilkes' legendary Land Rover design, latterly the Defender, comes to the end of UK production in December. Like it or loath it, one cannot deny that this shape is "baked-in" to modern day British history. Safety regs, modern day emission standards and the cost of manufacture spell the end – the car is still ostensibly hand made. Jaguar Land Rover, now owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata operate on a global level, so having a vehicle in the range that cannot be sold in, say the USA, probably doesn't make a great deal of sense. Still it will be a great shame to see this Oh so familiar shape come come to the end of new vehicle production. There are the conspiracy theorists out there, who are adamant, given the Tata connection, that the entire production line will be containerised and sent to India, with lower labour costs, to continue production for markets who don't have such stringent safety or emission control.

Land Rover Defender

Right now though, the countdown celebration to the end of production has begun and the sale of the 2,000,000 th Land Rover Defender: S90 HUE, the 2,000,000th car goes to auction for charity at Bonhams on 16th December....the last day of production...... On the basis the final run special editions are priced at around £63,000 there's no telling what this one might achieve at auction........

Land Rover Defender

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4x4at.com's sister company NLG Makes a real impact at the Emergency Services Show 2015 With Carryboy Workman Canopy and Bedslide.... - 07/9/15

Some of our colleagues have just returned from the NEC after an exhausting but very beneficial few days at the NEC Birmingham, exhibiting our range of products well suited for use by the Emergency Services....Whether it be the Police, Fire Service, Mountain Rescue, Coastguard or even the Air Accident Investigation Branch, we saw them all.... And they all loved the simple durable practicality of our 4x4 products. It was also the first official outing for our rather substantial new logo-ed exhibition arch, which showcased Toyota Hilux 4x4 accessories, but needless to say, there are versions of these for just about all 4x4 pickups including Ford Ranger and Isuzu Dmax etc.

NLG Show

Shown here fitted to the vehicle is the amazingly practical and durable Carryboy Workman, triple access gullwing door canopy together with the heavy duty bedslide, also from Carryboy......

The combination of these two products means climbing into the back of a pickup, to get access to something stored at the bulkhead end, is a thing of the past !!! A pickup with total access....You can open doors, pull out the slide and get on immediately with the job ! The canopy is painted GRP( can be colour coded to your vehicle too), it can be ordered with a solid rear tailgate if preferred. The chequer plate bedslide in standard form, is rated up to a load capacity of 300Kg, and has several locking positions so it can be safely fixed at the desired position, in or out of the vehicle.

NLG Show

Another product causing a stir, as normal, was the tailgate damper kit, allowing the tailgate to safely drop in a completely controlled way – the ultimate "feelgood" product for your pickup, as well as having a real safety aspect to it.

Please note the Carryboy Workman truck top and Carryboy Bed slide, as well as the Hilux tailgate damper, are all available on 4x4at.com!

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Renault reveal their Pickup concept – the ALASKAN. - 07/9/15

Following on from what seems like years of speculation Renault have finally confirmed some detail on their forthcoming Alaskan pickup which is due to hit the UK in 2017. The pictures here are of the final concept vehicle though insider sources confirm that the production example will be very similar.

Renault Alaskan

The Alaskan will be sold globally and built alongside sibling models from Nissan and Mercedes Benz, though there will be some common aspects between them, they are likely to have a very different market positioning. The Alaskan for example, is going to be focused toward private leisure customers.

Renault Alaskan

By all accounts the Alaskan will benefit from a relatively superior cabin, LED lighting, satin paint together with brushed and polished exterior metal finishes. We're unsure as to whether the 21" wheels here will make it to production spec....but they look great ! Also check out the interesting looking solar panel roof sytem shown below....

Renault Alaskan

The one tonne vehicle is powered initially by a 163 bhp 2.3 litre twin turbo diesel. Launching into some markets in summer 2016 we understand the Alaskan will go on sale in Europe a year later in 2017.

Renault Alaskan

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An easy buying experience at 4x4at.com ! - 07/8/15

Some of our IT and marketing departments visited a seminar given by Google themselves last night. In this ever developing on-line world you can never understand enough about how things are moving on. As well as stocking great 4x4 accessories for your pick up truck, whether it be Hilux, Ranger, Amarok, Dmax or L200, we hope to make your buying experience a good one.

The below video made us laugh, it's a great example of what not to do ! At 4x4at.com we promise we'll not make life so difficult. Navigating your way around the site, finding what you're looking for and checking out should all be easy ! If however you have any comment about the site or the way it functions don't hesitate to contact us. We may be on-line but we're real people too – here in the UK, just outside the lovely market town of Northallerton, in North Yorkshire. You can phone me, Simon on 01677-428796 or speak to one of our other ten 4x4 pickup accessories experts on the same number. We're always here to help and advise , during UK business hours.....we've been doing this for over 22 years now, so we know a thing or two....and we're very friendly and helpful....unlike below !

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Breaking News ! 4x4at.com to exhibit at the Emergency Services Show – NEC 23rd – 24th September 2015. - 05/8/15

Recently, the take up of some of our commercial hard top canopies by some of the Emergency Services for their fleets of pickups, has been so great we've elected to take a stand at the NEC for the forthcoming Emergency Services show.

Our range of truck tops for Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger in particular, have proven really popular with the Police and Fire services alike. But we've also seen both the Mitsubishi L200 and Isuzu Dmax used in these applications as well as Mountain Rescue and the breakdown roadside repair/recovery companies. Pictured below is just one of the vehicles sporting one of our easy access side entry gullwing door canopy truck tops, in rugged terrain....

Gullwing 4x4AT

Another popular product amongst this market sector is our range of slide out bedslides: a perfect tool for safely sliding anything really heavy and cumbersome out of the bed of a pickup truck...no danger, no strain, wo worries !

4x4at.com generally have an answer (and a product!) for all your 4x4 issues.....!

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More detail on the new 2016 Toyota Hilux emerges - 03/8/15

The Toyota Hilux pickup had a great deal to do with originating the pickup truck as we know it today. It is a concept, and now genre, that has been widely adopted by most volume manufacturers. The Hilux is still the market leader in Europe with more registrations than any other pick up. But with new models also coming right now from Mitsubishi with their super accomplished L200, and the new Nissan Navara along shortly, 4x4 pickups just get more advanced and desirable across the piece – these great vehicles will be keeping Toyota on their toes.

Still, it's not surprising though that there is so much interest in the latest incarnation of this most enduring of pickup trucks. We've now seen some more detail on the new version Hilux even though we, in the UK, are still several months before official launch.

Naturally we at 4x4at.com will be accessorizing all of them, keep an eye on the site for the latest products...

Check out the video below if you fancy an ahead of the crowd, sneak preview of the features of the 2016 model year Toyota Hilux:

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Try a "Classic"- the Carryboy Workman Gullwing....... - 31/7/15

The Mercedes 300 SL was, and still is, an absolute classic of design. Mostly known as a "Gullwing" those top mounted doors became the defining feature of the car.

Gullwing 4x4AT

On a more practical, and definitely at a more affordable level, 4x4at.com have this super accessible Carryboy Workman hard top canopy with its own gullwing doors available for Ford Ranger, Isuzu Dmax and Toyota Hilux. In this case, however rather than purely for the aesthetic, these top hinged, self lifting, lockable, side doors allow access to the parts of your pick up load bed usually so difficult to access via the rear door. The picture below shows just what's possible...even lighting has been installed ! Whether for a wholly commercial application or not, just having access through the side can make life easy ! The Workman can also be ordered with a solid rear door – making it very secure!

Carryboy Workman Hard Top

Of course if you have the Mercedes Gullwing 300SL, you'd want to keep that secure as well...!!!

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Extra stance for your Ford Ranger....! - 30/7/15

A relatively simple product can make a massive impact ! Never more so than with these brand new Ford Ranger 55mm wheel arch extensions (often referred to as fender flares) that are specific to the 4 door double cab. Critically, they allow you to retain your standard fit mud flaps unlike so many other extensions. They are even nicely tapered around the fuel filler flap. Giving 55mm of tyre coverage they're the perfect accompaniment if you are considering new wheels; checkout these 20" Vermont alloys in Gunmetal black by clicking here!

Ford Ranger 55mm wheel arch extensions

The wheel arch extensions are available either body coloured or, as shown here, in the dark charcoal grey that Ford themselves use for their Widtrak Sportsbar. They're easy fit and start at only £322.80 a set. So Wildtrak or not, these arches just give a really purposeful stance to your Ranger....Is yours due a birthday ?

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Ford F-150 Raptor Front Grills - 27/7/15

These "Raptor" grilles have become a massive hit!

Many people will remember the iconic edition of Top Gear featuring the awesome Ford F-150 "Raptor" before Jeremy Clarkson did his disappearing act! There is something uniquely aggressive about this vehicle from our American cousins at Ford USA.

Ford Ranger Front Grill 4x4AT

Now you can match the road presence of the Raptor with your Ford Ranger. The Ranger is a great looking, super capable pick up already....and at over 5 metres it's not a small truck....But if you like the stance of the Raptor, why not change the front grille on your Ranger for the below one, for an unmistakably different look ! They're on the 4x4at.com website now! At only a whisker over £150.00....they're a bargain !

Ford Ranger Front Grill 4x4AT

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We're Now Beginning To Stock Some Great Accessories For The New Mitsubishi L200 Mk7 - 26/7/15

The fabulous new model Mitsubishi L200 pickup is on its way and along with its arrival, as normal, we're beginning to stock some great accessories for it. Just as with other impending new pickup truck models, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara...4x4at.com are preparing the most extensive, high quality 4x4 accessories range to compliment your truck.

A case in point is this great new Sport Styling Bar for the new Mitsubishi L200 pickup that we'll be stocking as from September. This is the long arm design that is unique to the 2015 L200. Made from substantial 76mm diameter stainless steel tube section, this is available either in a mirror finish chrome look or the increasing popular satin black powder coat finish. Either way, this is going to give your new L200 a meaningful appearance!

Mitsubishi L200 Accessories 4x4AT

Do keep close to the 4x4at.com site and in particular this blog to see all the new 4x4 pickup truck products as they come on-line. There are some exciting products en route !

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Alpha SC-Z Sports Lid - 15/7/15

Check out this latest SC-Z sports "design" lid from our supplier Alpha. Never has the design of a sports lid added more to the overall look of a pickup! This hard load bed cover not only looks fantastic but as with all Alpha product, is really engineered beautifully. With balanced lifting ram gas struts, high quality locks and interior lighting this is a really upscale product for those that appreciate attention to detail.

Ford Ranger SC-Z Sports Lids 4x4AT

Seen here on one of our Ford Ranger Wildtraks, the Alpha SC-Z is also available across the main pickup trucks and new models of Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Isuzu Dmax and VW Amarok.

This particular vehicle is further complimented by the addition of our 55mm extended wheelarch kit retaining the mudflaps, and some very stylish Vermont 20" machined face Alloys, which are also available in black finish, both either with road or all terrain tyres.

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New Navara NP300 Revealed! - 13/7/15

Below is one of the first images we've seen of the new model Nissan Navara model NP300. Quite a leap forward, we believe, and certainly if the performance and specification matches the image here we're in for both revolution and evolution. The Nissan Navara joins a number of new models from other manufacturers....We'll be supplying accessories for Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and VW Amarok.

New Navara NP300 4x4AT

All of these competitor pickup trucks, just like the Navara NP300, are very much more car like than ever before and have the features one normally associates with the executive sector. Yet they have the immeasurable advantage of amazing 4x4 off road ability, surefootedness in inclement weather, not to mention just great old fashioned load lugging ability!

Couple these with carefully selected products from our range of 4x4 accessories, particularly our enormous selection of hard truck top canopies...it makes any one of these vehicles a compelling proposition.

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Market for Pickups seems to be booming across all manufacturers at the moment! - 11/7/15

Great to see the market for Pickups seems to be booming across all manufacturers at the moment! And long may it continue, as the take up of 4x4 accessories for Amarok, Navara, Ranger, L200 and Hilux follows right behind. Generally pickups are the most accessorised vehicles in their manufacturer's ranges. Hard canopy truck tops, soft tonneau covers, Roll n locks, you name it, having a healthy supply of new vehicle sales allows us to broaden our range of offer and keep prices down to the best value 4x4 accessories in the market.Mercedes Benz have now announced they will be entering the pickup market in 2017 with the great looking pickup below and there's also talk of Renault pitching in as well.

New Mercedes Pick-Up 4x4AT

Mercedes Benz have now announced they will be entering the pickup market in 2017 with the great looking pickup below and there's also talk of Renault pitching in as well.

Meanwhile more photos are creeping out of the new Toyota Hilux, Here's one we found earlier....

Toyota Hilux 4x4AT

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4x4AT looking to introduce a completely new range of high capacity commercial hardtop canopies - 7/7/15

Toyota Hilux New Canopy 4x4AT

Exciting times at 4x4at.com ! We made a decision last week to begin development on, and introduce a completely new range of high capacity commercial hardtop canopies for your pick up truck. Whether it be a Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Ssanyong Korando or Great Wall Steed we'll have a rough, tough super practical and secure canopy truck top for you.

We'll be coinciding the launch of some of these with new models from Mitsubishi, Toyota etc in 2016 but many will be available for existing vehicles before then. Options on this new range of canopy hardtops will include high roof variants, gullwing side doors, solid rear doors and high security locks.

If you have other preferences that you would like to see included in this range of products, please don't hesitate to contact me on the below email address. We are at a point now that we can consider including the features and options that you would like to see....

Below is a taster image to whet your appetite....Let us know what you think !

Increase of pickup truck sales according to SMMT figures - 7/7/15

Toyota Hilux 4x4AT

It's great to know we're working in a market sector that's doing well! Latest SMMT figures show that pickup truck registrations were up over 14.5% year on year (2013-14). Across the most popular vehicles such as Ford Ranger, Isuzu Dmax, Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Toyota Hilux and VW Amarok; over 32,000 vehicles were registered in 2014 with no sign of a let up.

Some people think that the impending end of production of Land Rover's Defender may be having an effect now, but others point out the tax efficiency of these commercial vehicles in so far as VAT and capex regulations are concerned. Possibly the most compelling reason for the massive growth in sales of these vehicles however, is that they are just much more "car-like" now than their predecessors. The original Toyota Hilux bears little resemblance to today's offering and there is an even more advanced one en route to reach these shores in 2016.

Add the kind of accessories that 4x4at.com has become so well respected for and there's certainly no need to go without your creature comforts...Do comment on this blog at: Simonr@nlg.co.uk

Welcome to the new 4x4AT accessories blog! - 6/7/15

Welcome to the new 4x4AT accessories blog!4x4AT UK are Europe's leading supplier of 4x4 accessories and particularly hard canopy truck tops for your pickup. We carry over 2000 trucktops in stock at any given time at our base at Leeming Bar just off Junction 51 of the A1 in North Yorkshire.We cater for all makes of pickup trucks from Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Isuzu Dmax, Mitsubishi L200, VW Amarok and Great Wall Steed. Brands of canopy tops available include Aeroklas, Alpha and Carryboy, and we are
4x4AT Blog
also UK distributors for the amazing market leading Roll n Lock hard lockable load bed covers for pickups. IPF lights, BF Goodrich and Cooper tyres and many other great 4x4 products are also in our range.We'll be blogging regularly from now on with snippets of news from the cutting edge of the 4x4 accessory world, so keep an eye open for this feature and let me know what you think! Best Simonr@nlg.co.uk

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