Styling Accessories & Trim

We have everything you need to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. We supply high quality products designed to not only make your 4x4 look great but also to provide added protection to the vehicle. Our wide range of 4x4 styling accessories includes roof bars, front bars, side steps and wheel arch kits.

Our range of styling and trim accessories are suitable for most major UK 4x4 vehicles. Use our accessories finder above to see everything available for your 4x4.

Body Styling

Front Bars + Front Bars
4x4 Side Steps + Side Steps
4x4 Roof Bars + Roof Bars
4x4 Side Bars + Side Bars
Roll Bars + Roll Bars
Ladder Racks + Ladder Racks
4x4 Rear Bars + Rear Bars

Trux 4x4

Front Grille Styling + Grille Styling
Wheel Arch Kit + Wheel Arch Kits
Bumper Trim + Bumper Trim
Skid Plates + Skid Plates
Side Mouldings + Side Mouldings
Body Kits + Body Kits
Roof Spoilers + Roof Spoilers