Soft Hooked Tonneau Cover

  • Reduces Drag Caused By Driving With An Open Truck Bed
  • Can Be Removed In a Matter Of Minutes
  • Non-Drill Fitment
  • Framework Keeps The Cover Looking Taught
  • Manufactured Using A Strong Black Vinyl Backed With Nylon
  • Weather Proof

Covering your load bed has never been easier thanks to the soft folding hooked body tonneau cover. This tonneau is simple to install using the existing body hooks and supplied with hooks to attach to the tailgate to secure the rear of the cover.

Soft hooked tonneau cover fitted fitted to a single cab pickup truck
Taught Soft tri folding tonneau cover

Manufactured From Strong & Resilient Materials

The tonneau cover comes supplied with support bars to keep the cover taught and stop rain gathering on the top of the cover and is also manufactured from a strong black vinyl backed with nylon.

If you need access to part of the bed then no problem, just simply unhook the cover.

Fitted And Removed In Minutes

The covers come completely assembled, so you don’t have to contend with any loose parts. Its hinged, folding sections make it extremely versatile just remove the cover when toting larger loads or fold it down to lock in place for smaller loads.

The covers can be fitted in minutes and can be removed in no time when you need to use the whole bed. You can even drive around with the back part open. It uses clips that go under the inside of the bed. That are attached to a steel, frame for additional strength to the load bed

Soft Tri Folding tonneau cover fitted to an Isuzu D-Max single cab
Mitsubishi single cab fitted with soft hooked load bed cover
Single Cab pickup truck with soft hooked tonneau cover
Double cab Ford XLT with soft tri folding tonneau cover fitted
Side view of the hooked tonneau cover
Rolled up soft tonneau cover showing support bars
Ford with closed soft tri folding tonneau cover
Fitted soft folding tonneau cover
A view of the hooks used on the soft tri folding tonneau cover
Load bed with soft tri folding tonneau cover fitted