Proform 1 Piece Sports Lid

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Pro-Form provides automotive security, protection, style and ease via its range of leading automotive accessories which are delivered to automotive companies throughout the world.

Proform 1 piece sports lid in silver on a Toyota Hilux

Standard Features

  • Thickest twin sheet extruded ABS
  • Powerful twin gas rams
  • Neoprene bulb water seal
  • Non-Drill installation
  • Twin point locking system
  • Smooth paint finish
  • Simple installation
  • Secure And Fully Lockable

Pro-Form sportslids are made using a rigid twin-skinned plastic construction that is lightweight and resistant to high impacts, making it tough and durable. Side mounted slam latches and sportslids wrap-over design ensures your cargo is safe, secure and protected from the elements. The lids won’t corrode or break down in any environment that your pickup truck operates and are finished with a high-bond surface that is durable and easy to paint to a Class A automotive standard.

Reputation For Quality

Pro-Form hardtops have a reputation for quality, and continuous engineering development and improvements in design and production processes ensure the end-user excellent service from their Pro-Form hardtop. Pro-Form hardtops are sold worldwide and many car manufacturers fit Pro-Form tops and accessories where high specification and top quality are sought by discerning customers. Replacement spare keys are stocked in the UK.

Side view of the Proform 1 piece sports lid on a Ford Ranger
Proform 1 piece sports lid in grey
Proform 1 Piece sports lid on a Toyota
Side view of the 1 piece sports lid open
1 piece sports lid with open top and rear door
Side view of the Proform 1 piece sports lid closed
Close of the Secure lock

Secure And Fully Lockable

Powerful twin gas rams

Powerful twin gas rams

View off the thick twin sheet extruded ABS

Thickest Twin Sheet Extruded ABS