Hard Tri Folding Tonneau Cover

  • Three pre-set rest positions
  • Weatherproof design
  • Seamless exterior finish
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy fit with pictorial instruction guide
  • Approved and Fitted by Mitsubishi/Toyota/Ford/Isuzu

Our hard folding pick up tonneau covers reduces drag caused by driving with an open truck bed, the taught finish of the pick up tonneau means water will not pool on the top. The cover features a composite ABS hard plastic underside that gives it strength and rigidity whilst the mohair style fabric provides a plush high end look that satisfies even the most discerning pick up truck owner.

Hard Tr Folding tonneau cover fitted on a Toyota Hilux

Manufactured From Strong & Resilient Materials

The Mohair fabric on the covers is a automotive grade that is approved by car makers across the USA, it is similar in appearance to car soft tops such as will be found on many Germany car makers soft top cars.

The Fabric is strong, resilient, waterproof and UV protected to prevent fading. If required the cover can be secured in the open position using two straps which allows the truck to be driven with the cover open at full speed.

Fitted And Removed In Minutes

The covers come completely assembled, so you don’t have to contend with any loose parts. Its hinged, folding sections make it extremely versatile just remove the cover when toting larger loads or fold it down to lock in place for smaller loads.

The covers can be fitted in minutes and can be removed in no time when you need to use the whole bed. You can even drive around with the back part open. It uses clips that go under the inside of the bed. That are attached to a steel, frame for additional strength to the load bed

Close up of the hard tri folding tonneau cover on an Isuzu D-Max
Top view of the hard tri folding load bed cover on a Nissan Navara
Hard tri folding tonneau cover with straps
Hard tri folding tonneau cover closed
Taught finish of the closed Tonneau cover
First pre set position of the Tri Folding tonneau cover
Second pre set position of the hard tri folding load bed cover
Hidden clamps on the tonneau cover for easy installation
Strapped back open Hard tri folding tonneau cover
Fully open hard tri folding load bed cover