Heat Shot Front Window Wash System For RENAULT KANGOO 1999 ONWARDS

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We know you've been there, sub zero morning, starting the car 10 minutes before you need to set off just to clear the windscreen! Worse still, leaving it on the drive unattended and running the risk of your vehicle being stolen. A short while later you're driving along behind other cars, the road spray hits your windscreen, you daren’t turn your wipers on as you know the pipes are still frozen solid.

There’s now a solution, a heated windscreen wash system that’s easily installed, will quickly clear frozen screens and clear frozen washer jets. There are already 1 million plus units already sold worldwide. Now there is no reason to sit freezing in your car for 5-10 minutes whilst the windscreen clears.

Winter Benefits

  • De-ices the windscreen within 90 seconds to leave a frost free, clear and legal view without the need for scraping
  • Traditionally using just the cars heater takes between 5-10 minutes and normally leaves the jets frozen meaning road/salt spray cannot be cleaned
  • Rigorously tested to -18° celsius.
  • Continue to use washer jet whilst driving in sub zero temperatures
  • Quickly dissolves SALT and GRIT residue for improved driver visibility & safety
  • Unblocks frozen jets and improves spray coverage in adverse conditions
  • Reduces wear and tear on wiper blades for superior cleaning and longevity
  • Wiper blades more effective when used with warm water
  • Will NOT crack the windscreen as temperature is regulated to 57° celsius
  • Will NOT damage or fade vehicles paintwork

Summer Benefits

  • Eliminates windscreen glare more effectively
  • Reduces amount of washer fluid used as hot water cleans far better and faster
  • More effective than cold fluid for removing mud, dirt, flies, diesel spray, oil, bird droppings and tree sap
  • Prolongs the life of the wiper blades
  • Wiper blades more effective with warm water

Safety / Security Benefits

Each year thousands of vehicles are stolen as motorists leave the cars running unattended whilst preheating and de-icing vehicles. Thousands of accidents occur each year through motorists driving with impaired vision through ice and snow as they have failed to clear the windscreen effectively. Don't be one of them - invest in a Heatshot heated windscreen wash system today.

Average installation is 30 minutes for a competent DIYer. Easily swapped from car – car when you change your car, 4x4 or van. 

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