Our Predator premium brand expands accessory product range

Today we’re showing you a video (and photos) of some of our new products fitted to a black Ford Ranger Double Cab.

This video walkaround features 4x4AT’s own Predator brand, a premium range of bespoke 4×4 accessories we have developed to suit our customers’ specific needs and vehicle types, with our Predator accessory range, we wanted to go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that we could offer what they wanted and ensure the quality we wanted for them.

Predator has been manufactured, adhering to strict guidelines. This means we can guarantee the quality and exacting standards of the Predator accessories brand – we know they do the job they need to, at competitive prices. Besides, using Predator gives the vehicle a fantastic overall appearance as everything fits, and matches as it should.

We’ve just expanded the Predator lines so are keen to show some of the new products in situ on the vehicles so you can see how they work, and just how good they look.

Rugged N’ Ready to conquer any terrain.

At the front of the car, we’ve fitted a Predator front winch bumper made from powder-coated durable steel, laser cut for precision engineering. Fitted to the chassis, these bumpers include powerful lights, cut outs for auxiliary lights and parking sensors. The rear bumper has automatic number plate lights and incredibly sturdy impact bars – very useful in rough conditions. 

You can use the Predator winch bumpers with or without the winch itself; they are compatible with most winch brands, such as WARN or WARN Zeon. There are also pre-drilled holes on the front to take an optional 30” light bar of pretty much any brand but here we have one of our Predator Vision LED light bars.

Ford Ranger 2019 Winch Recovery Bumper

LED light bars are one of the more important accessories to fit any 4X4 vehicle. The power and longer lifetime of LED lights add so much to the user experience such as enhanced visibility and safety, on-road or off, in any conditions. They are easy to clean and the unit’s temperature is regulated by a military-style breather. We’re so confident of the performance, toughness and quality of our Predator Vision LED light bars we guarantee them all for three years.

This warranty applies to all the Predator Vision lighting range too; if anything stops working within three years of purchase, we will replace it free of charge. Lighting is one of the areas we are rapidly expanding in with the Predator brand, as it is such a vital element of driving.

What a difference a wheel makes…

The Predator LED light bars certainly attract a lot of attention, comments and positive feedback from customers – as do our new Predator alloy wheels. Shown here on the Ranger are the 20” Predator Coyote wheels 20” in gloss black (they also come in a satin finish). You can immediately see how great the design is and how good they look on the vehicle, elevating the overall appearance to a much higher level.

Ford Ranger 2019 Predator Coyote 20" Wheels

It’s not just all about being stylish though – these alloys are just as tough as other Predator products and withstand extreme conditions and road salt erosion, as well as giving improved grip and handling. We have a great range of Predator wheels on the site so why not treat your pickup, and self, with a set.

Round to the back of the vehicle, you can see we’ve fitted one of our tailgate dampers, which controls the opening of the tailgate. So, it becomes a one-handed operation and opens in a smooth and controlled manner – both for ease of use and safety reasons. The bed lights inside illuminate the space day or night, and are again, pretty essential if working when it’s dark.

Integrated camera mount grille

One final mention about our expanding Predator premium accessory range – this time for the Nissan Navara NP300 (from 2015 onwards).

We are pleased to offer this easy to fit Matt Black Grille with camera mount which changes the look of your Navara and gives it a de-chrome N-Guard look! It is the only Nissan Grille on the market with an integrated camera mount. Now in stock but be quick!

Nissan Navara NP300 Grille with Camera Mount

We will continue to add more to the Predator accessory range so keep an eye on the 4x4AT website.

You can also check out our new Predator website where you will find body kits, alloys, lighting and styling accessories.

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