235 70 R16 Technic Amazon Kingpin Mud Retread Tyre 105P

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  • Mud Tyre
  • Remould tyre
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Kingpin Amazon Mud Retread Tyre

The Amazon From Kingpin - 235 x 70 x R16

  • Hardworking remoulded tyre
  • Excellent value for money
  • Will keep on going through some of the most demanding terrain
  • Safe experience on the road as you do off it

The Amazon from Kingpin is a hardworking tyre that will keep on going through some of the most demanding terrain. The mud trekking ability is all down to the hard wearing tread pattern which is a close match to that of the Colway Macho.

These tyres are excellent value for money and are also extremely economical, as they have been remoulded. This means that the original tyres have been stripped of all of its old tread and then renewed with new treading. Buying these tyres will ensure that you have a safe experience on the road as you do off it.

If you would like any more information about these Tyres or the services we provide please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help. Call in today for a tyre check and professional advice on which brand suits your needs. Call Us on 01677 428792 for more info.Please provide all vehicle or tyre data to get the best match of tyres Possible.

  • What is a retread tyre?

    A retreaded tyre is an older tyre that has its tread replaced with a new rubber tread. On average 20% to 30% of the old tyres mass is replaced with new rubber. This enables retreaded tyres to be cheaper than their factory fresh counterparts, retreaded tyres are also commonly referred to as regrooved tyres and remoulded tyres. 

    What are the Advantages of buying retreaded tyres?

    • Reduced Maintenance Costs - optimally used truck tyres can be retreaded upto 2 or 3 times
    • Environmental - the retreading process is better for the environment than the manufacturing of new tyres

    Retreaded Tyre Myths

    • Tyre Balancing: Many people assume that 4x4 wheels with retreaded tyres cannot be balanced but this isn't the case. Tyres that have been retread can be balanced, especially when you consider that some of the most important factors, such as the correct tyre pressure, are not related to the tyres construction method.
    • Tyre Bursting: Retreaded tyres use advanced techniques, such as vulcanisation or strong adhesives like cement, to ensure a strong bond between the tread and carcass, as a result such models do not burst whilst being used.

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