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Tonneau Cover

A pick up truck tonneau cover is chosen where the user wishes to retain a pick up look and in some cases use an open back pickup truck, a tonneau cover can minimise load restriction and improve fuel efficiency by reducing tailgate drag.

We offer Nine different styles of tonneau cover to cater for all tastes and demands and budgets.
Operation, function and design differ greatly as does pricing and requirement.
All are available mail order from stock.  We are the Uk agents for the Mountain top,  the Roll & Lock retractable roll top tonneau as well the Folding Soft & Hard covers and the paintable ABS sportslid.

Chequerplate  tonneau cover
View Chequerplate tonneau cover
 Soft Press Stud fastening Cover
 View Soft Press stud tonneau Cover
Soft Folding   tonneau cover
View Soft Folding tonneau cover
Hard Folding  tonneau cover
View Hard Folding tonneau cover
Soft Snap Fit  Custom tonneau cover
 View Soft Snap Fit tonneau cover 
Hook Type  tonneau cover
View Hook Type tonneau cover
1 Piece Sport Lid  tonneau cover
View 1 Piece Sport Lid tonneau cover
3 Piece Sports Lid  tonneau cover
View 3 Piece Sports Lid tonneau cover
Trux Fullbox  tonneau cover
View Trux Fullbox tonneau cover
Roll 'N' Lock  tonneau cover
   View Roll 'N' Lock tonneau cover

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